How To Decor The New Dress Shop

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Having the best out of best dresses according to the taste of the target customers arrive at your shop is a key element in the success of your dress shop. But one more thing which attracts the customer to make purchase is how you decor your shop and how you categories the different section of the dresses.


dresses shops

So here we are giving you 7 tips

How to decor your dress shop.

Outlook of the shop

What you have to do first, take a paper and pencil and draw the outlook of your shop. If you have financed then hire the services of the architecture.


clothing stores

Advice: Make your dress shop look bit passionate and appealing. Place red tiles on the front wall and give the yellow lighting effect. You will definitely catch the attention of the customer from 100 meter distance.

Selection of the music

Music is necessary in your dress shop. So play soft songs in your shop. Use the best quality sound system which should give a soft sound. And play the music in a low volume. High volume does not give a pleasant blow on the customer

Fragrance in the shop


fashion shop

Fragrance is must in the shop. When the customer enters in your shop a stunning smell forces the customer to stay more in the shop. More time in the shop means more sales.

Categories the dresses

Dresses are not of one type. So you must categories the dresses. Like there should be mentioned on each category that prom dresses, frocks, jeans, shirts, skirts, and under garments etc.

Hang the dresses

To give the full look of the dresses to your customer you must hang the dresses instead of folding the dresses and putting on the shelves.

hanging the dresses

dresses hanged in the hangers

Lighting on the dresses

There is need of lights at two places. One on the shelves and second at the back ground where you hang your dresses. It gives the delightful appeal to your dresses.

Tip. Use only the yellow lights for back ground and for your shelves.

Big mirrors in the shop


prom dresses

There is need of big size mirrors in the shop. Mirrors must be place between the different categories. So that, customer pick the dress and check it in the mirror how it look like on him or her.


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The Trendy Style


Summer Dresses Style

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Dresses make your personality appealing and gorgeous. So for every season you need different dresses. Every year thousand of designers from different countries circulate their dresses in the market. We can not buy every

summer dress

cool summer dresses

designer best dress although we like many dresses of many designers.

Here we mention some tips about the summer dresses. How to select a perfect summer dress?  Just read this!

Choose the one designer only

Well you may buy dresses from different designers or wear dresses of different brands. But it recommended buying from one designer o

r brand. It’s because dresses are not important in making your personality dashing. Fitting is the thing which make your personality fascinating whether you wear a normal dress.

So select one brand or designer who’s fitting fit for your body. You will definitely win the fashion and style game

Select a cool color for your summer dress

Color selection is very important. So select a cool color for your summer dress. Colors like sky blue, baby pink, sea green, light yellow and white color. These colors dresses hit in the summer season.

summer dresses

summer wedding dress

Select the size of your dress

In the summer season you should not select too long nor too short summer dress. What you have to do is select a dress which perfectly falls on your shoulders and length should be near knees. It will look nice in the summer season. You can also use this dress in the summer parties.

Select the fine fabric

In summer you need to select very good stuff for you dress. Because if you select a dress which has not good fabric then it will irritate your skin after every 5 seconds and you loose your confidence. So select cotton, silk, linen or viscose. These fabrics give comfort in summer and spring season.

cool dress

cool trouser and shirt for summer

Selection of the print in summer dress

In the summer do not go for big

prints. They look odd and never give a cool glance. so go for small prints or you can also go for the shirt which have straight lines on it.

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How To Arrange A Fashion Show

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What is fashion?

Fashion is everything. Fashion is how you think, how you walk, how you dress up, how you speak, in short, whatever you do is fashion. So fashion is not niche not represent a specific category. It’s a vast field. Here we are going to just discuss the dresses fashion show.

Select the theme of the fashion show


fashion ramp

The first thing is keep in mind your dresses style and coloring and then decide the theme of your fashion show. Whether it is dark or cool then how the models move on the ramp. E.g. if the dresses are formal then models should walk slowly with some attitude.

Secondly if the dresses are causal then the model walks bit fast and have smile on the faces.

Music is a key element in fashion show

When you are arranging a fashion show then must choose the best music according to your dresses and the theme. Mostly two versions used English songs or music and second are Arabic music or songs.


fashion and style

Lighting gives blood in the fashion show

Lighting plays a major role in making the fashion show successful. Where I think so, lights must be move according to the music. When the music is fast the lights movement must be fast and when music is slow lights movement must be slow.

Now let’s talk about the color of the lights. Well mostly the white light used in the fashion shows it is because the dresses originally can


fashion show with style

be judge easily instead of yellow lights

Select the best location for your fashion show

In order to make fashion show successful and capturing the visibility you must select a best place for your fashion show. You must choose the big city like New York, London, and Paris etc, where you get the desired audience easily.

Selection of the models

This is most expensive category in the fashion show and


confidence model

your audience and success mostly depends upon your selection of the model. So higher a best and famous model who will be the show stopper of your show and other models can be “B” category worked for you.

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Women Boutique Vs Men’s Boutique

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There are two creatures of the world men and women. 100% of things have been made for them. When you make a sketch to start a new business, you always have in mind whether it’s for men or women??

If you are planning to earn more profit with a little hard work you must go for ladies boutique. There are several reasons behind this.

Most important are as follows

Variety Of Dresses


There are thousand of choices for girls. They can go for

Asian style

style and fashion

jeans, frocks,

Long shirts, maxis, short shirt and in South Asia they wear shalwar kameez,

Lehngam sharara and saris etc. and they make these with expensive designing.


Men have very limited choice. Like they can go for jeans and on the other hand

men fasion

men design

Suits and last option dress trousers with formal shirts.

More Shopping

Let’s see how these two creatures do shopping


They spend a big amount on shopping they want to wear daily a new dress,

which should be matched with the latest fashion


They do shopping once or some percentage of men twice in a month and use those

for a year or more.

traditional jewelry

tradition with style

Matching in Every Aspect

Girls always wants matching or contrasting. So they spend huge amount first

on dresses then on matching shoes, bags and jewelry and now one more thing

added a matching mobile phone.

cell phone style

matched mobile phone


Men do not bother on these things. They can use one shirt with different

trousers and they have normally two color of shoes black and brown. And use them with different dresses



dazzling jewelry

jewelry shop

Girls or women dresses are more expensive and there is a huge margin of profit. Due to large number of sale the cost also reduced which results more profit margin.

expensive dress

english black dress


Men dresses are not very expensive. And buyers are also limited which results increase in cost and low margin of profit


These points show that whenever you are going to open a boutique and your purpose is just to earn profit must remember these points in mind. That their is more profit in ladies dresses boutique as compared to men’s boutique

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5 Easy Steps To Start A Dress Shop

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Are you planning to make a boutique or a dress shop? It is not the easy job my friend. You must keep in mind many things to make your dress shop successful and profitable because main purpose of the shop is to earn profit.

Keep the following 5 steps in mind before starting a dress shop.

1:- Your personal interest.

You must examine yourself that you have capable enough or have interest in dresses and have creative ideas in your mind for introducing the new and different dresses in the market.

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charming bridal dress

2:- Enough finance

Once you examine yourself and acknowledged that you are able to run a dress shop then you must put pen and paper and make a plan that you have enough finance to open a dress shop. Keep one thing in mind that you have extra amount in hand, if the shop does not give profit for first or second month.

3:- Who will design the dresses?

When finance is ready then the most important thing is who will design the dresses? Whether are you a good designer or you will higher the services of any other designer?

Please take this decision after deep thinking because it is very sensible issue. Your dress shop is depending all in all on your designs and color scheming.

4:- Location of the dress shop

There are thousand of shops in the city but why the two or three shops do more business than all other. It is due to their service or best collection of outfits but location of the shop contributes 60% of their success. So do not compromise on the shop location.

5:- Finalize the plan

Leave the pencil and read the plan from top to end twice or thrice and edit if required otherwise start your dress shop and enjoy your business. God Bless You!A different dressparty salwar kameez

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